Third Grade


Zion Lutheran School is a place for learning and working  within a Christian environment. This means our Christian staff teaches Christ- Centered values through activities and planned experiences. A Christian school plays an important role in a child’s early education, because it strengthens and supports the parenting process.

We are a Christian school providing a nurturing atmosphere for your child. We strive for developmentally appropriate practices in all of our learning activities. Jesus is the Master Teacher. His love and forgiveness is portrayed throughout our educational experiences.

 3rd Graders AT ZION:

  • Experience Jesus’ Love
  • Learn to read
  • Learn Math skills
  • Experience Science
  • Story Writing
  • Field Trips
  • Learn through Music
  • Create with Art

WHAT DO 3rd Graders LEARN?

Religion: Bible stories, memory work, church history, and Christian Doctrine

Language Arts: Reading Foundations, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Communication and Collaboration,

Math: Number Sense, Computation and Algebraic Thinking, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis

Phys. Ed: Motor skills and physical health

Science: Motion and Stability, Molecules to Organisms, Ecosystems, Heredity, Biological Evolution, Earth’s Systems, Earth and Human Activity, Engineering Design

Social Studies: History, Civics and Government, Geography, Economics

Computer: Keyboarding skills, proficiency in word documents, excel spreadsheets, slide presentations and internet usage


  • A child entering our Third grade program must be 8 years old by August 1st of the year they are enrolled.


Go to the Info Tab, Document Library, and School Information for a list of our program fees and tuition costs or contact our school office at 812-522-5911  with further questions.

Tuition Fees are annual amounts; however, for the convenience of our school families, payments can be made over nine months (August-April) of the school year.  Check with your respective church home to see if tuition assistance is provided . The amount paid is determined by the respective churches. 

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